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Translink Logistics Pvt. Ltd (TLPL) is one of the leading logistics service provider in Chennai for the past 10 years. Translink has very strong exposure and knowledge in logistics industry. We do all types of logistics services, mainly : Air Freight, Ocean Freight, LCL Consolidation and DDU shipments. We have done business with many agents in Far East, Middle East, Aisa Pacific, Europe, North & South America.

We continue to strengthen our relationship with our business associates. We have always believed in innovative, cost-efficient and logical means to move or store goods. The degree of personalised services is what that sets us apart from others.

TLPL has been giving their customers their money’s worth through global presence; innovative ideas; network and knowledgeable man power. TLPL understands its customers; their needs, and strives hard for paradigm changes of the market. TLPL has provides the following services:

Air Freight
Air freight services include:
?Airport to Airport
?Door to Door

Air Freight costs are called by size and weight. Quality air freight service depend on speed, accuracy and professionalism. We constantly review routes and transit points with an eye for the-best service you are looking for. We operate continual service from all major airports.

Time is essence of all shipments. It is not speed that is essential, but, the precision-timed arrival of cargo at customer's premises. We work with many airlines, which gives us flexibility and variety in order to fit the customer's need. We get space allocation, transit time commitments.

Processing handling pre ad post flight documents in accordance with the regulations for safe and quick arrival of cargo at destination. Call us and we will be pleased to discuss your needs and advise what is best for you.

You can rely on our strength for Global Logistics:

?Flexible solutions designed to meet your unique shipping needs.
?Door-to-door or port-to-port, we offer competitive rates and reliability.

Ocean Freight
TLPL offers a complete range of Ocean freight services. We provide continuous and systematic information to our customers and partners. We have very strong customer base, who are regular importers & exporters from / to various countries. We provide customized ocean carriage to meet all our clients' needs.

Each and every single booking of ocean transport has its own pricing depending on size, and need of the customer. Our ocean freight team will provide round the clock service to all our customers. We move all our shipments through reliable and trusted associates and follow each and every shipments till the destination.

We ensure that your shipments reach their final destination Safely, Efficiently & Timely with the help of Quality tools of modern innovations. We have Professionals to handle any kind of situation in dealing with shipments from / to across the world. Our efficiency is also being measured /appreciated by our Customers for "BEST RATES" with "QUALITY SERVICE" .

Customs Broking
We have our own customs clearance license at all major locations. Our customs clearance team is well experienced, knowledgeable and skilled. We provide speedy custom clearance for all import and export shipments. We add value to our customers through comprehensive custom broking.

LCL Consolidation
We requisite infrastructure to service our customer requirements with global network. We handle shipments of all size including boxes, barrels and crates which are consolidated and shipped to worldwide destination utilizing almost world's major shipping lines to suit the requirement of our clients.

Multimodal Transportation
With global network of experienced and trusted associates, we ensure safe and fast delivery of shipments from / to every corner of the globe, irrespective of the shape and size of the shipments. We specialize in door to door services. Our logistics solution does take care of the cost that gives edge to our customers at every step.

We take pride on the quality of the people, our associates across globe and above all, our ability to understand customer business.

At TLPL, logistics is much more than just the movement of goods. We analyze available resources and identify the optimum critical path that results in the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. In fact, we go beyond meeting our customer's requirements and take a step further to create a logistics model that far exceed the expectations of our customer.

Cross Country Trade
We offer solutions to cross country trade also. We have been promoting this activity to our customers by successfully handling shipments from one continent to another continent. This has been possible due to strong network of associates across globe.

» Indias' SeaPorts

» Global SeaPorts

» Unsafe Shipments

we’d like to provide some most useful informations which will make easy to you to understand about logistics informations and its technical info.

» Logistics Terminology

» Metric Convertor

» Metric Information

» Stowage Factor

» Shipments Tracking «

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