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Air Freight Forwarding Services


Translink takes pride in offering superior air freight forwarding services since the 2005 and are a leading Air Freight Forwarders in India. Air freight forwarding is a crucial component of global logistics, enabling the swift and secure movement of goods through the airspace.

Advantages of Air Freight:

  • Time – Transporting goods with air freight saves time – it’s much faster than shipping, rail or road transport
  • Speed – Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation, ensuring quick delivery of goods.
  • Reliability - Airlines operate on tight schedules, providing a reliable mode of transportation.
  • Low insurance premium – Due to the shipment duration being so short, insurance premiums on air freight are generally lower
  • Secure – The shipment of cargo by air is tightly managed by security, so the chance of cargo being stolen or damaged is low
  • Global Reach - Air cargo services connect businesses worldwide, facilitating international trade.
  • Less warehousing requirements – The clearance time for air freight is fast, and there’s generally less stock to unload than that for cargo ships, so customs clearance is fast, and the need for local warehousing is much lower.

Handle the necessary documentation for the shipment includes preparing the bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, and any other required paperwork. We ensure that all documentation complies with international trade regulations.

Customs Clearance:
We ensuring that the shipment meets all legal and regulatory requirements for both the export and import of goods includes handling duties, taxes, and compliance with import/export restrictions.